Strokes of Genius A.R.T. Auction

Have you ever seen art ....

Have you ever seen art created with laser technology? This limited edition note card set showcases images of the original work created by artists at Blossom Philadelphia through the A.R.T. program. Using A.R.T., a person who cannot walk, talk, or use their hands can make exacting, sophisticated, consequential decisions that result in works of art that can stand on their own in the best art gallery.

Buy one for yourself, buy one for a friend. Each sale supports Blossom Philadelphia’s A.R.T. program.

Purchase a box of 12 note cards with photos of each painting auctioned off on November 3, 2016 for ONLY $15 a box. 

Click the button below to order. The page will refresh and your shopping cart will appear right below the button. If you would like more than 1 box, change the quantity and click outside the cart to update.

A.R.T. Notecards

On November 3, 2016, Freeman’s Auction House hosted Blossom Philadelphia’s Inaugural Strokes of Genius A.R.T. Auction.

It was a great night to showcase true artistic talent and raise funds for tomorrow’s A.R.T.ists. Thank you to our artists, guests, volunteers and sponsors.

Our Sponsors

Hal Langerman Company

Kline Specter


Mark & Jill Fishman

Goldfein and Joseph

Drexel University Physical Therapy Rehabilitation



Limitless Creative Possibilities

The innovative tools, technologies and techniques that A.R.T. uses empower the artist to transcend their body’s limitations.
Using a laser and non-verbal cues, the artist directs the process from start to finish.

We see the life within. We see who they really are. 

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