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Who We Are

Our mission is to positively affect the quality of life for persons with cerebral palsy and other physical and developmental disabilities. While initially founded to serve individuals born with cerebral palsy, Blossom Philadelphia currently provides programs and services to people with a variety of physical, developmental, hearing, visual and speech impairments including autism, traumatic brain injury, Down Syndrome, spinal cord injuries, or any physical condition that severely limits an individual’s independent functioning.

A Peek into our our story



In 1946, six parents from Philadelphia came together to make a better life for their children who had been born with cerebral palsy.


In 1950, became affiliated with the national United Cerebral Palsy Association and changed its name.


A decade of growth providing support for adults in the areas of independent living, vocational training, employment, and recreation. Established child development and day care programs for children with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities.


Kryptonites athletic team was established providing competitive sports opportunities for people with disabilities. In 1978, Respite Care Program began offering temporary placement for an individual with a disability when daily support could not be provided.


Established community living programs for people with disabilities. In 1987, moved into its current headquarters in the Chestnut Hill. In 1988, the beginning of Best Friends program providing day care services for the children.


Began building new homes for residents. In 1992, the Widener Memorial Playground was built with accessibility. In 1993, the first Family Support Legacy Fund was established.


In 2005, Best Friends earned their three Keystone Stars, a Pennsylvania initiative to improve the quality of child care programs. In 2017, Blossom Philadelphia was established.

Programs and Services

Blossom Philadelphia Adult Services - Dietrick Gay

Adult Services

Adult Services works to maximize an individual’s independence and inclusion in the community.
Blossom Philadelphia Children's Services

Children Services

In Children’s Services, all children are encouraged to grow at their own pace and to their full potential.
Adult Community Services

Community Services

The Community Services program assists individuals with disabilities and their families in the community.
Adults Residential


Through Community Living Arrangements, individuals with disabilities can live independently.

How you can get involved

There are many ways for you to contribute your time and talents to Blossom Philadelphia. Help us build a stronger organization that will continue providing quality services to the community and reach out to more supporters like you.

Being rich is not about how much we have

but how much we give.

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