Blossom Philadelphia’s Residential program supports individuals living in long-term, supervised residential Community Living Arrangements (CLA) located throughout Philadelphia and the nearby areas of Montgomery County.

Blossom Philadelphia Residential ProgramOver 90 residents call a Blossom Philadelphia Community Living Arrangement (CLA) their home. Each CLA provides 24-hour support with barrier-free living for three individuals with a diagnosis of intellectual disability, many of whom also have a physical disability. In 1990, Blossom Philadelphia began building new homes for residents rather than making modifications to already existing houses or apartments. Today, most of our 31 CLAs are modern ranch-style homes. All Blossom Philadelphia/CLA homes provide individual bedrooms, large living areas and in-house laundry services.

Caring and committed direct care and administrative staff strive to support each resident’s efforts to achieve his/her own goals, experience a satisfying quality of life, and maximize participation in the community. The resident, along with their family, friends and support coordinator, develop an Individualized Support Plan (ISP) that details how to best meet the needs, desires and aspirations of each person being served. Whether in the home or out in the community, Blossom Philadelphia Residential staff supports residents as they actively pursue personal interests and hobbies.

Blossom Philadelphia Residential servicesBlossom Philadelphia Residential Services “rate of staff retention” has been recognized as having the least amount of staff turnover within the state. This low staff turnover rate helps to foster a sense of security, stability and continuity of care for individuals receiving services, as well as for their families.

In order to become a resident in a Blossom Philadelphia Community Living Arrangement (CLA), individuals must be referred through the Philadelphia Office of Developmental Programs and have a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability. These homes are licensed by the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) and have City of Philadelphia Office of Developmental Programs oversight.

For more information, contact Dominique Radcliffe, Associate Director, Residential Services
at (215) 242-4200 ext. 610 or

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