Family Support Fund

The Family Support Fund is used to help individuals and families living with a disability cope with an unexpected emergency, acquire needed assistive technology and adaptive equipment, or help people live more independently. When a family comes to Blossom Philadelphia in need of assistance, Blossom Philadelphia's Community Social Services Department will first research the availability of other resources such as religious, fraternal, and governmental support systems. When other avenues of support are unavailable or insufficient, the Blossom Philadelphia Family Support Fund is there so that every individual or family in need of assistance has a place to turn to for help. The Fund has been used to help families purchase stair glides for their home, make a vehicle accessible, and purchase adapted computer equipment.

Assistance may be in the form of a grant or loan depending upon the circumstances. The usual amount awarded from the Blossom Philadelphia Community Resource Funds is $800, though it can be more given special circumstances.

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