Information and Referrals

Blossom Philadelphia Community Social Services provides families with information about services and benefits available to individuals with disabilities. Finding what support an individual needs and is entitled to can be complicated. Blossom Philadelphia responds to thousands of requests each year for information in areas such as health and education benefits, funding for home and vehicle modifications, and assistive technology. For those seeking direct care services, referrals are made to either Blossom Philadelphia programs or other community resources where appropriate. Financial support requests to fund such things as attendant care, home or vehicle adaptations, or assistive technology can often be accommodated by existing support systems-fraternal organizations, faith-based groups and government programs. When outside resources are not available or sufficient, Blossom Philadelphia 's Family Support Funds may be a source of support.

Blossom Philadelphia Community Social Services can provide information on the services and benefits available to a person living with a disability, and the rights and laws pertaining to people with disabilities. These materials are useful for professionals, students, families with a member who has a disability, or anyone who has an interest in learning more about disabilities.

Community education is also a service that is offered through participation in various committees, conferences, training sessions, and by providing consultation and technical assistance in such areas as architectural accessibility, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) training, transportation, health care benefits, etc.

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