Home and Community Program

The mission of Blossom Philadelphia’s community and home-based program is to support children in their natural environments to meet individual goals in order to reach their full potential. Families and caregivers are supported to implement strategies and to advocate for the children.

Home-Based Program for Philadelphia children birth to three years old

Blossom Philadelphia Children's Home and CommunityBlossom Philadelphia’s Home-Based Program provides services to children from birth to three years old residing in Montgomery Counties. Children and their families are given direct therapy and consultation in their homes or private child care programs.

The goal of the Home-Based Program is to help families and caregivers support a child’s development in all areas through daily routines, such as dressing and mealtimes. Teachers and therapists provide strategies for caregivers to use throughout the day to improve each child’s communication, motor skills, problem solving abilities and socialization. Information about resources available in the community, as well as through United Cerebral Palsy are provided to families. Blossom Philadelphia staff work closely with service coordinators to continually evaluate each child’s program to be sure it is meeting the needs of both the child and family.

Blossom Philadelphia’s Home-Based services include, special education, speech, occupational, social work, and physical therapy as well as social work and nutrition services. Approximately 50 children and their families are served each year.


Community-Based Program  for children three to five years old

Blossom Philadelphia Children's Home and CommunityBefore entering Blossom Philadelphia’s Community-Based Program, a child must be evaluated by the Elwyn SEEDS program, identified as needing EI services, and referred to Blossom Philadelphia’s Children’s Services department. A team of parents, teachers, service coordinators, and therapists work together to develop and implement an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The IEP guides the team and provides goals for addressing a child’s needs. A child’s progress is reviewed annually and re-evaluated every two years.

Approximately 400 children receive services annually through Blossom Philadelphia’s Community-Based Program which is made up of educators, service coordinators, and speech, occupational, and physical therapists.

To learn more about Community Programs at Blossom Philadelphia, contact Children’s Services Director, Melissa Swain by email at mswain@blossomphila.org or call 215-248-7605.


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