Vocational Evaluation and Training

Blossom Philadelphia's Vocational Program offers an array of services and opportunities for individuals interested in training and employment. Funding is through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR). A vocational evaluation (which could last up to 30 days) is performed to assess a person’s interests and abilities, and make recommendations regarding career exploration and employment, vocational training, independent living support, and other areas of interest which contribute to an individual’s success at work. Assessments are completed by the vocational evaluator, occupational therapist, nurse, and employment coordinator.

Personal Work Adjustment Training

Individuals in Blossom Philadelphia's Vocational Training Program receive 14 weeks of on-the-job training at Blossom Philadelphia's center with specialties offered in the food services, janitorial and child care fields. Personal Work Adjustment Training also aids in the development of good work habits and attitudes necessary for successful community employment. All vocational programs are licensed by the PA Department of Public Welfare as Vocational Facilities. Funding is through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

Job Coaching

Job coaching services assist with job development and placement, on-site training, travel training, and other services designed to ensure success in a competitive job in the community at large. Funding is through the office of vocational rehabilitation.

Vocational Training Entry

To schedule an intake appointment or to obtain more information, contact Adult Services Admissions Coordinator Shelley Silverman at 215.242.4200 EXT. 265 or email ssilverman@blossomphila.org

Additional Support Services

Adult Service program participants receive additional services in order to encourage healthy and independent living. Services may include case management, community integration, medical consultation, personal care assistance, and occupational therapies such as evaluation, ongoing consultation, design of adaptive equipment, job and home site adaptation, and assistance with mobility. Information and assistance in areas such as transportation, Social Security, medical benefits, attendant care, and housing are also available.

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