Employment Services

Blossom Philadelphia Employment ServicesEmployment Services are designed to support individuals as they pursue convenient, accessible employment or volunteer placement in the community. Job seeking skills, career development and job readiness training are available to those interested in employment. An employment specialist assists in developing possible placements within the community and is available for follow-up support to those placed.

Once a job is found, a Blossom Philadelphia job coach offers additional on-the-job support, which is often critical to successful community employment. The job coach will accompany the employee to work to assist with all aspects of the world of work, including work-related travel, skills training, work related social skills and all other work related issues.

As progress is demonstrated, the job coach gradually fades his/her support according to a schedule agreed upon by the employee and employer. Upon completion of training at the work site, Blossom Philadelphia maintains contact with both the employer and the employee to ensure that the placement continues to be successful.

Should job responsibilities or other circumstances change, Blossom Philadelphia remains available to assist with retraining and provide ongoing support. The ultimate goal is that every employee is successful and feels a sense of accomplishment.



For more information and to schedule an intake appointment, contact Deb Wolf
at dwolf@blossomphila.org or call 215.248.7602.


Additional Support Services

Adult Service program participants receive additional services in order to encourage healthy and independent living. Services may include case management, community integration, medical consultation, personal care assistance, and occupational therapies such as evaluation, ongoing consultation, design of adaptive equipment, job and home site adaptation, and assistance with mobility. Information and assistance in areas such as transportation, Social Security, medical benefits, attendant care, and housing are also available.

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