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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people with disabilities create the life they want to live.

Our History

In 1946, six parents from Philadelphia came together to make a better life for their children who had been born with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy was not widely understood at the time and children living with the condition were often placed in institutions. These parents believed their children deserved more out of life and together, set out to change the lives of people with disabilities.

While initially founded to serve individuals born with cerebral palsy, Blossom Philadelphia currently provides programs and services to people with a variety of physical, developmental, hearing, visual and speech impairments including autism, traumatic brain injury, Down Syndrome, spinal cord injuries, or any physical condition that severely limits an individual’s independent functioning.

Today, thanks to the efforts of those six parents and many other supporters along the way, more than 2,400 children and adults living with disabilities have access to direct services in a community-based setting. Additionally, each year Blossom Philadelphia responds to more than 6,000 requests for information about Blossom Philadelphia programs, benefits for individuals living with disabilities, and referrals to other resources.



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